Quadrifoglio’s method transforms aesthetic principles into rational processes.

The combination of style & rationality is our competitive advantage and key element of the methodology that is based on the fundamental understanding of consumers by analysing their style preferences and profiling their lifestyle characteristics:

Segment 0: the “fundamentals of the method”, the evolutions of consumers’ lifestyle segmentation, introduction to consumers’ lifestyle clusters, profiling and multi-sensorial presentation;

Segment 1: “style survey & the evolution of retail business model”, analysis of lifestyle shares & trends in the global and local market. Consumers evolving shopping behaviours, new values & key words. From traditional retail to consumers-channel & social retailing, introduction to a new sustainable retail model where consumers are in charge and retailers meet their needs, values, anticipate their aspirations integrating on & off-line;

Segment 2: “brand positioning”, rational process to define a strategic positioning to meet the evolved consumers values. How to organise a lifestyle local market prospect and consumers analysis. Key factors of the specific market segment and benchmark on pricing to define the ideal strategy;

Segment 3: “Style pyramid & the meaning of fashion, the segmentation of style, how to plan your merchandising strategy with a balanced product mix to catch all opportunities of the specific segment. New benchmarks on how style evolves season after season according to consumers shopping behaviours in a completely different retail model. What “fashion” means to each style and which is its relevance to the final customers;

Segment 4: “Style time-line”, to make retail a more sustainable business model. Introduction to the new drivers to define the longevity of a collection. Do seasons still exists? Which are the new life-cycles?  After the surge of fast fashion, we are facing a steering point in fashion retail. Insights on how to cope with the evolved scenario and drive the change to become sustainable retailers;

Segment 5: “Quadrifoglio’s merchandising & buying process for private brands”, Quadrifoglio’s method to improve the efficiency of merchandising and implement a sustainable retail model. Quadrifoglio’s hierarchy of planning, how to transform aesthetic principles into rational processes to improve the efficiency of merchandising, target higher sales with less inventory, less wastage in a more sustainable retail business model. Introduction to Quadrifoglio’s algorithms to target a better level of buying efficiency;

Segment 6: “Quadrifoglio’s merchandising & buying process for market brands”, how to implement the merchandising and buying process to define the best strategy in a market brands retail concept while targeting the ideal brand mix and product selection. Introduction to Quadrifoglio’s database with 1.800 carefully selected lifestyle brands;

Segment 7: “Buying strategy, scouting & sourcing”, how to improve the efficiency of buying through a rational allocation of the seasonal budget with different lead-times and specific sourcing channels. How to organise the workflow of the integrated supply chain to target the different sourcing lead-times of the collection. How to develop an efficient and profitable fast fashion business model. Insights on Italian fast fashion manufacturers’ workflow. Quadrifoglio’s scouting and sourcing process, how to audit suppliers, traders and vendors on the basis of their specific characteristics;

Segment 8: “Retail management”, analytic solutions and new digital tools to monitor sales and optimise B.I. to improve the efficiency of retail channels consistent with the specific business model;

Segment 9: “Visual merchandising”, how to organise the floor adjacencies and space allocation according to the lifestyle principles;

Segment 10: “Lifestyle marketing & communication”, from omnichannel to consumers’ channel and social retail, the evolution of lifestyle marketing. What’s the evolved role of brick & mortar in the digital era: from “destination store” to “media-store”, the new retail concept of “phygital-store”. Meaning and relevance in the post Covid-19 era;