Q Academy is Quadrifoglio’s know-how at its best.

At QA we teach our methodology through workshops, seminars and webinars while training our attendees in simulating the customisation and implementation parts as if in real business life.

Quadrifoglio’s Method transforms aesthetic principles into rational processes.

The combination of style & rationality is our competitive advantage and key element of the methodology that is based on the fundamental understanding of consumers by analysing their style preferences and profiling their lifestyle characteristics & shopping behaviours.

We support retailers to develop a CUSTOMER CENTRIC business: CONSUMERS CHANNEL & SOCIAL RETAILING is our model.

To sell more with less merchandise is our mission to target a SUSTAINABLE RETAIL MODEL and contribute to save our planet.

Key elements

  • Merchandising & Buying Process, 10 progressive steps of the new hierarchy of planning;
  • Clusters & format, a new classification matrix to better exploit the local market characteristics;
  • Customized buying strategies and Time&Action calendars, to improve the efficiency of buying in the long and short term with different lead-times;
  • Scouting & Sourcing methods, to update, benchmark and implement the best buying opportunities;
  • Retail management, analytic solutions and new digital tools to optimise B.I. and improve the efficiency of retail channels in the new phygital scenario;
  • Customized Retail Calendars & Visual Merchandising, to communicate consistently with the final customers;
  • Negotiation & Buying skills, to improve the buying attitudes and better negotiate with Vendors & Suppliers;