Quadrifoglio’s method transforms aesthetic principles into rational business processes.

The combination of style & rationality is our competitive advantage and key element of the methodology that is based on the fundamental understanding of consumers by analysing their style preferences and profiling their lifestyle characteristics:

Segment 0: the “fundamentals” of the Method, Consumers’ profiling & lifestyle segmentation, how to understand and classify consumers through their lifestyle behaviour. How to better exploit the global styles or enter new niches still to come in the local market;

Segment 1: Lifestyle survey, analysis of the style share & trends in the global and local market;

Segment 2: Brand positioning, how to define the positioning of a brand and retail concept benchmarking global and local market style share & trends;

Segment 3: Style Pyramid & the meaning of “fashion”, how to segment the style positioning of a brand & retail concept based on its lifestyle profile. What “fashion” means to each style and how it evolves season to season, forecasting trends in all clusters;

Segment 4: Style time-line, how to plan the potential lifecycle mix of a collection based on its style positioning;

Segment 5: Colour planning, how to plan the seasonal colours to optimise the collection building & visual merchandising;

Segment 6: Merchandise planning & buying process for private brands, Quadrifoglio’s hiearachy of planning, how to transform aesthetic principles into rational processes to improve the efficiency of the business model and develop a profitable private brand & private label;

Segment 7: Merchandise planning & buying process for market brands, Quadrifoglio’s method to target the most efficient brand mix and buying season with market brands based on the lifestyle principles;

Segment 8: Buying strategy; time&action calendars; scouting & sourcing, how to improve the efficiency of buying through rational allocation of the seasonal budget, organisation of the supply chain & workflow, customised negotiation insights to target  tailored buying agreements;

Segment 9: Visual merchandising; lifestyle Marketing & Communication, how to organise floor adjacencies and space allocation on the basis of the lifestyle principles. Introduction to the “golden rules” of lifestyle visual criteria. How to market and communicate a lifestyle brand and store concept.