Quadrifoglio is a fully integrated Italian buying office that provides Training & Services to the most reputed retailers, manufacturers and fashion schools worldwide, based on its exclusive methodology: 


We train our Clients’ teams through customised workshops, teaching and implementing our methodology.

We support our Clients with an all-inclusive retail method, from consumers analysis to in-store management integrating on & off-line.

Our method is based on consumers lifestyle analysing their specific shopping behaviours.

Quadrifoglio’s methodology transforms aesthetic principles into rational processes.

The combination of style & rationality is our key element & competitive advantage.

We support retailers to develop a CUSTOMER CENTRIC business model:



Workshops & Seminars

Quadrifoglio delivers its training programme through customised workshops & seminars:

FIRST PART, lifestyle segmentation & strategic brand/store positioning

  • Consumer’s lifestyle segmentation
  • The evolution of retail business model, from traditional retail to consumers-channel and social retailing
  • Style survey, share & trends in the global and local market
  • Brand positioning
  • Style pyramid & style time-line

SECOND PART, the hierarchy of planning

  • Merchandise planning on & off-line
  • Buying process
  • Buying strategy
  • Consumers channel
  • Allocation and distribution
  • Scouting & sourcing
  • Product development

THIRD PART, marketing & communication

  • Lifestyle marketing
  • Retail calendar
  • Floor adjacencies
  • Visual merchandising

Areas of implementation

On the basis of an initial assessment, we customise the process to meet our client’s requirements and local market characteristics on & off-line.

We support retailers to evolve into a more sustainable business model to target higher sales with less inventory and wastage while caring for our planet.

Quadrifoglio’s Methods applies to several segments:

  • Apparel (women, men & kids),
  • Underwear & beachwear,
  • Accessories,
  • Shoes,
  • Handbags,
  • Perfumery,
  • Jewellery,
  • Home décor,
  • Food,
  • ….